Can I commission a map from you? 

I rarely take commissions anymore, occasionally I will work with companies and individuals with exciting projects from time to time. 

You are more than welcome to contact me with details of the project but if I do not respond then I most likely very busy. Email is NOT the best way to contact me, you are far more likely to catch me on Discord and messaging me there about a project is more likely to get a response during normal working hours GMT. 

If you do want to approach me with a commission piece here are a few things that help me get started and what my prices are for maps. 


I spend a VERY long time making each map. Everything is hand drawn in Photoshop, and each mountain, tree, rock and city is shaded, highlighted and finished with loving care. This means that I can only really do 1-2 region or world maps a month if that, and demand for my maps is high. 

My prices reflect this, and while they might seem a lot, I do not take on a commission lightly and often politely turn down people every day. 

Below is a rough guide to how much I charge so that if you still want to contact me with a project we are both on the same page. 

Small Size Region Map - A4 (Black & White) - £125

Small Size Region Map - A4 (Colour) - £250

Medium Size Region Map - A3 (Black & White) - £300

Medium Size Region Map - A3 (Colour) - £600

Large Size Region/World Map - A2 (Black & White) - £450

Large Size Region/World Map - A2 (Colour) - £900/1000

Huge Size World Map - A1 (Black & White) - £600

Huge Size World Map - A1 (Colour) - £1200/1500

Sketch & Details

Providing me with any kind of basic sketch, from blobs of colour with labels, hand drawn on paper or maps made in a mapmaking program help me create something far more quickly than a simple description. 

Part of the process of my commissions is that I will try to add and include as many unique locations and areas of a world as possible. If you have notes on locations, what they are and how they look specifically please try to send me that as well.