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Basic Map Compasses

Basic Map Compasses

Hello everyone!

After putting out a lot of background tidying posts over the last few weeks today I finished up something I think is quite important for building your own maps, some basic map compasses! There are a bunch of compasses here that cover all your basic needs, some simple ones and few that are a little more detailed.

These are not fancy or even fantasy flavored (That's another pack I will do as well)  and should work with pretty much any kind of map.

They also match the line art of all the other sketch assets I've been making which I think is very nice for consistency!


This pack is also available as part of the Veteran Tier on my Patreon, but if you prefer buying packs instead this is the pack as a one time purchase!


This pack contains 14 single PNG files ready to use in PSD or other graphics programs.

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