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Broken Walkway

Broken Walkway

Another map done now for the Heavens Halls theme and hopefully as more and more are released you will start to get a better idea of how connected these maps can be! 


This map is a corridor map and you can see what that might mean just below, but the general idea was to create an interesting passageway through the heavens, with something really striking to set a scene or make describing the location that much easier! In the center of this map is a dark portal in the clouds that has broken one of the heavenly walkways. Players will need to find a way to get across, and if they are high level... well you can always make the portal a black hole or something similar that starts drawing players down into another plane of existence without some out of the box thinking! :D 


Oh! I also changed things a little on this map, the railings are much nicer than the previous map. Even though I will creating connected maps through the themes, I will always try to make each one better and better! :)


Map Details

Room 2:  Corridor/Moving Encounter

A corridor is a connecting passage that enables players to move between different encounters and maps but also might contain an encounter itself. This encounter might not be combat or roleplay (but of course it can be both of those things, instead it might focus on a skill check or challenge of some kind to overcome. Room 2 may also be some kind of movement based encounter itself such as escaping a rolling trap, a chase or fleeing a particularly powerful creature or enemy.  


Heavens Halls Theme

This theme is all about the outer planes and good aligned locations you might find there! Gold, white marble and clouds and everywhere in these maps and the sounds of distant flutes can be heard in the air. Angels, celestial creatures and the souls or countless heroes wander the heavens, so beware anyone of evil alignment! 

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