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Dungeondraft Texture Pack 1

Dungeondraft Texture Pack 1

So this pack was so big I had to split it into 3 parts to get it to upload on patreon ^^;

We've also decided, since were reworking our library to be easily accessible and downloadable, were not including the raw assets anymore for our newest Dungeondraft Packs.


due to how Dungeondraft's building tool works, wood texture 4 doesnt quite work properly. intstead use this texture with the pattern tool. The moss textures are designed to be used overtop of the wood textures. "moss 1" overlays on any "wood 1" texture


This pack is also available as part of the Artisan Tier on my Patreon, but if you prefer buying packs instead this is the pack as a one-time purchase!

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