Fantasy Heraldry (Black & White)

Fantasy Heraldry (Black & White)

Today I’m releasing something pretty exciting and it's not something I’ve made myself.


These are a pack of fantasy heraldry made for putting onto maps themselves and while they can also be used for other things these can be used to signify important political areas in your world.


Now there are quite a few possibilities with these assets so I’m really excited to set these loose and see what people come up with!


Like I said at the beginning though, these assets where actually made by KTech, who is a mod on my discord and also my partner in real life! The heraldry shields you see in the example above for my own world where made by me a few weeks ago but I asked KTech to draw some more and she managed to copy my style absolutely perfectly! 


This means that the two of us can hopefully make even more cool things together in the future.. :)


Files are in PNG format.