Starting off in the new year, I began with an idea I had years ago for a character made for my own fantasy world called Formir. At the time he wasn't very fleshed out, with little detail apart from a vague description. No one ever encountered him but he inspired this drawing so much I ended up stealing the name. There are some differences, the old version of Formir was a kindly ancient giant that traversed the mountains in solitude. This Formir token has a very different personality and was made to be a creature or monster that a party can fight instead. While it's still possible to use this token as a friendly NPC for your games, the pose is very aggressive and he looks particularly menacing.


I put a lot of detail into this guy and compared to some of early maps and pieces only a few months ago I can really start to see an improvement. I can only imagine what my stuff is going to look like this time next year!