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Jólnir - The Yule One

Jólnir - The Yule One

I hope everyone has a wonderful, cheerful and relaxing next few days and as I was getting back into things recently I wanted to make something holiday-related and decided on a big old token to help bring the festive mood to a TTRPG game :)

The nickname for this token while I was making it was Battle Santa, but as KTech and I worked on it together I realized that it was a little more Norse inspired and I decided to make it a Santa inspired frost giant. After a few more tweaks the token became even more inspired by Odin from Norse mythology so I added an eyepatch to make the connection even stronger!

So here we are, if you want to add in a surprise during a Christmas game this might just be the perfect token to use, or shrink him down till he’s more Santa sized if needed!

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