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Monster Manual CR 1 - Complete Pack
  • Monster Manual CR 1 - Complete Pack

    So, a little story with these tokens, I managed to save over the photoshop file with a version where all the layers were merged. essentially, This made creating the recoloured version an absolute nightmare and is also the reason why this pack doesn't have any design variants.


    That said, considering I was working with flat images, I'm pretty happy with how much I still managed to change them around. :D Definately going to have to be more careful in future!


    I was pretty happy that I got the Scarecrow recolours to still work even with the glowing affect because I was really digging the idea of a spooky green version. nothing says evil and spooky like a lime green glow >:)


    Theres also a little throwback to pinky! I know a few people were asking when he was gonna pop up in one of these packs!

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