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NPC Packs - Humans
  • NPC Packs - Humans

    Hello everyone, KTech here!


    Today I finished up a new pack of tokens and this is the start of something I've been thinking of for some time, Non Playable Character (NPC) tokens! Originally, I was planning on one mega pack of random NPCs, but as I began making them, I realized I would really need to do multiple packs to do these justice and it would be better to bring them out as a pack for each of the main races from Dungeons and Dragons, which includes dwarves, halflings, elves, gnomes and maybe even a few other races later down the line.


    There are 3 different colourations all included in the Free pack this time, including a slightly more muted set for a more realistic villager look, as well as 2 brighter colourful versions so they are more visible on the map!


    I'm not fully satisfied with how the guards look in this pack so I might do an extra "town guard" pack later down the line.


    Also, a small update in terms of Background things, Caeora has still been working on the large Faerun map as well as some back and forth work between the two of us coming up with some battlemap ideas for future content that he will share soon! Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy the tokens!


    Thefile includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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