The Red King

Following on from the Forgotten Tomb map series I did a few days ago, I just finished up the Red King creature token that goes with it! 


The stats that come with this token were done by JLunit on my patreon or thorn1993 on reddit! Who released a fantastic compendium of monsters recently so check it out if you haven't already! :)


This was the first homebrew monster/boss that I ever made and as you can see, I kinda pictured him resembling the skeleton king from the Diablo series. Still, my token is little different and works a little differently in game, as a cross between a fighter and a wizard with a powerful regeneration ability. In fact if you want to use him for games it's quite possible to play him more as a lich and keep bringing him back as a recurring villain for the party to confront again and again during desperate moments in a campaign. 

The Red King also has a place in my new setting called the 4th Race on World Anvil but since it's late and I really want to get the token out to you guys I think I’ll save finishing up his backstory for another day :)