Village Assets

Village Assets

Welp, I think this is quite possibly the largest asset pack i've ever made!


Using this pack, you can create your own villages and towns or even cities if you are feeling brave! (You might have to place quite a lot of buildings!) In any case there are keeps, castles, blacksmiths, ships, docks, trees, and just tons of other assets to play with to create something really cool. There are about 245 Assets in the pack overall and I've also included some png sheets and backgrounds to make the process easier. 


Using these assets is very similar to to how to make battlemaps using my assets and there are some videos on that here: 

However I think ill make a new video just for this pack in the next few days! 


I also made this pack for myself and Ill be using these assets to make some more village/town maps that will be coming out soon :) 


Have fun using these and share with me anything you do make on my discord or twitter! :D 


PS: Oh I think I will do a “complete pack”  for this if it does quite well and people like it which will contain colour variations!