Zelda Assets

Zelda Assets

Another light little asset pack today, with some of the best little assets I think Ive ever made!


(I love the chests and statues!)


To be fair however, both myself and KTech have been working on these and they have been very fun to work on, an excellent pack after the stressful Masterclass weekend and the mega Middle Earth map XD


These assets are made for and from the Legend of Zelda Game series, which I had to then recreate in my own style and colour :) 


There are also some textures that you can use to create wonderful little maps as well and I also put together a little video on how you can make maps with these yourself in Photoshop. 


There is a creature token pack being made to go along with these assets and after that I want to concentrate on getting a bunch of tutorials out on a wide variety of mapmaking subjects. So if you like to see something in particular let me know!