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Hey everyone, my name is Caeora, and welcome to my little corner of the tabletop roleplaying world. I’m a UK based cartographer, artist and writer that makes fantasy maps, monster tokens and adventures!


I started playing tabletop RPG’s when I went back to university in my mid twenties and as a lifelong gamer and fantasy reader I was immediately hooked. I became a gamemaster for multiple groups each week and quite honestly I became a little obsessed! I loved every aspect of the games I was running but mapmaking was my favourite.


Not long after graduation I realised the best way to get into the industry that I loved was to start making my own content and started things out by making an adventure called The Burning Goblins under Blue Sword Games. I made my own maps for the adventure and after some suggestions from friends I decided to try making more of the same on Patreon.


I’ve now been making maps full time since September 2017 and I can not thank everyone enough for the generous support I’m given each month by people that give their own money to help me make a living.


If you would like to support me, my maps and other projects, please consider pledging on patreon, every dollar helps and it allows me to pay rent, buy food and supplies and continue making content every month for free!

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