Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Where is your Commission Info?

I rarely take commissions anymore, occasionally I will work with companies and individuals with exciting projects from time to time. 

You can find more details here

#2 What tools/programs do you use to create your maps?

I use a drawing tablet, specifically a Wacom, Bamboo FUN. Its a tiny little thing but I have used it for the last two years to draw and colour my maps. You don't need a very expensive tablet to get started or produce good results. 

I then use the program Photoshop to draw my maps but you can use free programs like GIMP

#3 How do I print these maps? 

I would highly recommend taking the files to a local print shop and asking them to print them at the size typically stated in the top right under the title. This is usually A3, A2 or A1 and this is the correct size for printing these maps so that the grid displayed is roughly 1 inch in size and perfect for miniatures.


Some of my older maps do not this number but you can count the grid to get a good idea for what size fits using the guide below.

A4: 11 x 8

A3: 16 x 11

A2: 22 x 16

A1: 32 x 22

A0: 44 x 32

If you want to print maps at home then this guide is very useful and the way I print my maps personally: Printing

#4 Can I use these maps in a commercial product? 

Typically you will need to be a Dragon Tier supporter on Patreon to use my maps in a commercial product and I have a nice little post that explains the content use agreements for my maps that you can find here.

Commissions made for a client are exempt from these agreements as the person commissioning me is given exclusive right to the maps I make for them. 

I display commissions on my website occasionally only as display pieces and they are always marked as such.