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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Where is your Commission Info?

I rarely take commissions anymore, I'm focused on making content for Patreon and working part-time for Foundry VTT. Occasionally I will work with companies and individuals with exciting projects from time to time. 

#2 What tools/programs do you use to create your maps?

I use a drawing tablet, specifically a Wacom Intuos. It's a tiny little thing but I have used pretty much the same thing since I started to draw and colour my artwork. You don't need a very expensive tablet to get started or produce good results! 

I then use the photo editing and digital drawing program Photoshop to draw everything by hand.

#3 Token Hoard Connection

What happens when you connect your Patreon account on the Token Hoard page?

Basically, this will give you access to more tokens! It may depend on which tier on Patreon you support me at but generally Artisan tier patrons and above have access to everything!

If you love the Token Hoard and look want to look through all the tokens I've made in my new style, then head over to Patreon and take a look at the tiers! 

#4 Can I use these maps in a commercial product? 

Typically you will need to be a Dragon Tier supporter on Patreon to use my maps in a commercial product and I have a nice little post that explains the content use agreements for my maps that you can find here.

Commissions made for a client are exempt from these agreements as the person commissioning me is given exclusive right to the maps I make for them. 

I display commissions on my website occasionally only as display pieces and they are always marked as such. 

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