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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

So this has been tough to write and I’ve been thinking about it for several weeks now. Someone messaged me and asked what I thought and I didn't want to give a short reply so here we go.

I’m typically very thoughtful and reflective about these larger than life ideas. Politics, religion, sexuality etc and there are so many variables at play here that writing and talking about them seems.. well.. like I can't express myself fully without spending a great deal of time to really nail down the essence of how I feel.

Perhaps one of the biggest things that stops me from speaking up and talking about my opinions most of the time is that I’m extremely privileged and I often feel like I shouldn't be putting those opinions out there in the first place. I’m white and male and that right there is a big reason for me to let others talk. In my mind for example, a person of colour talking about racism is going to be far more effective (coming from someone with actual experience and knowledge about the issue) than if I simply state “Racism is bad, you're a fucking moron if you think like that.”

In addition, I realise how social media works. Jumping on a bandwagon, looking where the wind blows and virtue signalling the current outrage is a hollow and depressing thing for people (Not to mention despicable, hypocritical companies) to do.

Ordinarily I also chose not to get involved with these kinds of causes on social media because what I do on the internet is pure escapism at its finest. Sitting quietly and creating a map is just about as relaxing and calm as you can get. I like to think people can look at my stuff/feed and feel more at peace.

That being said.

I think that talking about these issues is important. Especially if you have some kind of following, big or small.

Even more so, I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to actually give my honest thoughts about many issues, not just the current one.

Just so we are clear though, and forgive me for being blunt;

Police brutality is A FUCKING DISGRACE. If you are any kind of RACIST MOTHERFUCKER, or has any kind of evil repulsive notions in your heads about white supremacy/superiority etc.. FUCK OFF.

Yes, that's right, fuck off, you can stop reading. And if you support me on Patreon, follow me on social media or are part of my Discord. Fuck off and don't come back.

Black people, POC, minorities of all kinds, in many countries both the USA and the UK and almost all others have a horrible time throughout their lives, with hundreds of years of racism and downright evil laws and policies that treat them differently just because they have a different skin tone. They do not have the same advantages that a white person does and that is also a fucking disgrace and it needs to change.

These are not things I can “discuss” with you, this is a crystal clear line in the sand.


Now that I’ve said that, I want to say a few other things. Some of which I’ve never said out loud to anyone before and some I’ve never talked about publicly.

I dislike labels, I think that boiling a human being down to a small bio on social media is unhealthy and people are much more than that. (Once again however) That being said.. I am a rabid, humanist.

If that is a new term to you, it basically means I hold very extreme beliefs on the left side of the political spectrum.

  • Organised religion is evil (no, not just bad, evil.) Secularism is not just important, it is critical for our future.

  • That being said (I’m saying that a lot, I know) Pagans are cool :)

  • Everyone is equal, yes everyone. Human rights are just that, every single human being on this planet should be treated equally by law and by each other. Yes that means I support completely open borders and a fully united world regardless of race, nations etc.

  • Abortion.. Come on, are you serious, piss off, of course a woman can choose.

  • Veganism is a tough one, while I do eat meat, I often have a little crisis’s of conscience that puts me off the idea. I could quite happily become a vegan if I had the opportunity and money to do so.

  • If you're proud of your county (flag-waving) and you are in any way nationalistic. I think you are incredibly disillusioned with how things work. A country is just an idea and quite frankly a terrible one.

  • War is stupid. Can you imagine if no one had a military? Think about what we could do. I mean fuck wouldn't that be great?

  • Reparations for countries ravaged by western powers centuries ago? Fuck yea.

  • We don't need billionaires or any super-rich people. At all.

Oh I’m also bisexual, and I’m quite certain I suffered from gender dysphoria when I was growing up. In backwater Essex here in the UK, it was something I was very unaware of and therefore I had no one I could talk about it with. In fact, this is the first time I’ve EVER openly talked about this. It contributed to my depression and I am incredibly thankful that it's something that does not affect me that much anymore. I feel incredibly upset for anyone that suffers from gender dysphoria and I am then deeply happy to hear stories of people that transitioned successfully.

That sums it up I think?


Well after writing all this, I can see that this post might seem quite.. aggressive? But honestly, I do have a lot more love in my heart for others and I rarely hate or get super angry (There are few things of course, like the above) so I want to finish this post by genuinely thanking anyone for reading this, it's quite personal and not in any way a straightforward thing to read.

Hopefully, it explains, at least a little, what I think about current events. I also hope I don't come across as imparting my own personal stuff into something that should just be about the BlackLivesMatter movement but context helps hopefully.

I’ve already donated to a few very worthy charities in the last few weeks and I'd love to support more POC on Patreon to spread a little love.

Also, this is a super helpful wiki for people to look at if you want to learn more and help more.

Edit March 2021: I was recommended another great resource recently and I have added another link to this post with more than 150 Black-owned businesses that you can support directly here:

Edit June 2022: Amilkar with reached out to share another helpful resource! Annuity is a free financial web resource accredited by the Better Business Bureau and you can learn more here:

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Kaite Purdy
Kaite Purdy
Jun 25, 2022

After the day I've had, as a volenteer who answers text messages/emails answering questions from people who are scared for their futures, I am really happy to be reading this post. Thank you - a enby map maker from the US post roe v wade.


May 28, 2022

Bisexual, creative, depressed for a time, left-leaning, and blunt as a hammer when it counts? Crikey mate, you just described ME - maybe there's something about this makeup that built us? I also just finished reading your article about how you make money, since I'm also considering shifting gears to create assets, content, and tools for TTRPGs - in fact, it's more than shifting gears ... I've started setting up. Call me Rags, and I hope to see you around the traps in future :)

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