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  • Ashenrend

    Phew.. So this was a tough one. This region map is for a game I’m running this weekend, It wasn't going to very involved but ended being one of the hardest maps for me to actually finish because It just didn't look right no matter how hard I tried. I streamed myself trying to do the basic colours on Sunday but at the end of the stream I wasn't happy with it. I ended up re doing all the basic colours and trying another 2-3 different colour schemes before going back to more vibrant look. 


    I somewhat like the end result at this point even though there are things I just couldn't get to look how I wanted. Oh well I'm still learning! :) 


    There a few things on here that I really like, such as the new way I've drawn the mountains and the swamp. Oh and the volcanoes are looking good as well! 


    Oh there's a version that you can see below with all the names of the places as well :) 

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