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  • Avernus

    I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that I had caught the Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus bug for the now released adventure by Wizards of the Coast.


    One of the reasons for that is that I’m playing for Wizards of the Coast in a livestream run by the Great GM! We played our first game on Saturday and you can check out the Video here is you want to see us bumble around :)



    I’ve wanted to draw a region map of the hells for ages and this was such a great excuse, I was really excited to draw such a weird and downright evil looking landscape some of my experiments paid off and some didn't but this is a great map for the region if you want something that looks and feels like a fiery/dusty hellscape of doom and death.


    Some of the details on this map should be able to inspire and create encounters all on their own and I even tried to incorporate the cover art from the book in there!


    I also did a blue/purple version which turns the whole map into more of an underground evil underdark map which is always nice to have as an option!

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