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Balefire Volcano
  • Balefire Volcano

    This is the final map for the Coasts & Shallows theme, the remote Balefire Volcano! 


    You could argue this map is better suited for a more fiery theme but.. I think it fits into island hopping and ship adventures very well and as a plus I now how to draw volcanoes from the top down! 


    Some people that were watching the steam on Tuesday may notice that the map grid seems a little bigger in the final version and that was my fault. This map is nearly twice as big in terms of scale than I thought and needed a bit of tweaking. 


    This is also not technically a battlemap and I put it under setting maps. This is because in order to actually draw a decently sized volano I had to zoom out and draw this at the same kind of scale I would normally draw city maps. There is however still a grid that you can use but if you are using tokens online you will have to play at a more zoomed out scale while playing.


    As has been the norm with many of my maps recently there is also a rain version in the free download as well :) 

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