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Blood Grotto
  • Blood Grotto

    Blood Grotto: The Frozen Realm


    I’m so incredibly excited to announce the release of the first little mini setting that I’ve been working on!  



    The story of the Blood Grotto began many thousands of years ago. It was originally created by Kalios, the ancient God of Winter and father of the Ice Giants. The giants believe the realm was created as a home for them, a place to escape the growing power of the other races on the material plane. It’s certainly true that many giants dwell within the demi-plane, perfectly suited to the freezing temperatures.


    But, during a particularly vicious and terrible blizzard nearly a century ago - a blizzard in which the center of the Grotto was obscured even from the Ice Giants - a great battle and clash of arms could be heard. Kalios’s great cries of rage and pain, and bizarre, eldritch howls of unending hunger filled the air. When finally the falling snow settled, Kalios was dead.


    A colossal black sword had been thrust through the heart of the God and soon his blood began to seep from the wound and, in the years since, it has never ceased, still oozing and spreading across the center of the grotto to this day.



    This little setting is designed for Game Masters who want to run a wintery adventure over the Christmas holiday period and hopefully it gives you all the inspiration and tools you might need to send a party of adventures into a both a beautiful snowy wilderness and a realm of blood and death. 


    This setting includes a 29 page PDF with lore, race descriptions, items adventure hooks and characters. I also contains full colour maps  + black and white versions and PNG tokens of the races for use in virtual tabletops!



    I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped bring this together This idea was formed and completed in 20 days as a reward for my patrons on Patreon during Christmas, as something to include in the 2019 Christmas Loot Box alongside World Anvil, DungeonFog and the Great GM and a booklet for Dragonmeet 2019!


    I spent the entire month of November on this PDF, which includes multiple maps, from myself and Till Lammer, tokens from Ktechiniclour, items from Jelke Ludolphj, artwork from the fantastic Nele Diel and some amazing writing from Jordan Trager and everyone else that was able to contribute in some way. 


    I do want to say a very special thank to Janet Forbes for her amazing work in the editing room and her contributions to the overall feel and end result of this setting. She added some truly wonderful sections that makes this book really feel special <3


    Designer & Cartographer: Caeora (@Caeora)

    Lead Writer and Editor: Janet Forbes (@JD_Blythe)

    Location Authors: Jordan Trager (@trager_bombs)

    Creature Tokens: KTechnicolour (@KTechnicolour)

    Item Creator: Jelke Ludolphij (@DnDTrinkets)

    Battlemap Creator: Till Lammer (@tlammer)

    Creature Contributions: Diego Malatesta (@dmquill) Secondhand (@SecondhandRPG)

    Cover Artist: Samuele Bandini

    Interior Artist: Nele Diel

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