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Caeora's Cartography Creation Pack
  • Caeora's Cartography Creation Pack

    A bunch of people have asked me about this and have been very excited to get their hands on the brushes and tools that I use to make maps! 


    Well, here they are :) 


    There are a bunch of things in this pack that can help you start a map, from a region or world map to a battlemap. I'm planning to record youtube videos on mapmaking tutorials tomorrow so I will be using these brushes, templates and assets to explain the processes and techniques that I use. 

    There are also a few little notes in the folder itself that explains a few things so it should be quite intuitive. 


    Included in this pack are:

    • Battlemap Assets
    • Battlemap Photoshop Templates
    • Caeora’s Brushes
    • World Map Assets
    • World Map Photoshop Templates


    Also, it would help if you have Photoshop but i'm pretty sure everything will work with other software like GIMP or CSP as well.


    Have fun and come and ask questions on Discord if you need any tips or advice!  

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