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City of Glass

City of Glass

After a good long while my version of the City of Glass is all finished!


I love how this turned out in the end even though at first I was very unsure about how to get the colours right. I think going for an overall more combined look and feel  was far better than trying to make each section or individual houses looks special. 


For anyone that isn't aware of the lore, this map is based on the City of Glass from the Plane of Water. Curiously there isn't a reference to the City of Glass in the new 5th edition Dungeon Master's Guide but is was a very well developed city with a ton of material in older editions. In fact in the 2nd edition book Vortex of Madness the City of Glass has an entire chapter devoted to it! 


“The City of Glass, on the Elemental Plane of Water is the most famous city of the inner planes. Known as “The Sigil of the Elements”, it’s a nexus for travel through and between the wondrous planar realms, built in a pocket of air trapped between an island of ice and a glass like dome.” Vortex of Madness, Chapter 5 The City of Glass.


This is the second City I've drawn since I started my patreon (The first was never coloured) and was a lot of work to get some new techniques and idea across but I hope I can do some more in the future because they are great for campaigns! Maybe the next one will be the City of Brass from the plane of fire! ;) 

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