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Creator Pack 2

Creator Pack 2

Hey all!

Following on from my first Creator pack 1 which had a bunch of wooden walls, windows and doors, today I finished up Pack 2 for stone walls!

Now, this at its surface is a pretty simple pack, only 6 walls and a few nice plain pillars but a) I need to save something for the complete pack ;) and b) There are 8 colours for all of these, PLUS you can totally combine them with the wooden wall colours!


Obsidian stone combined with grey wood? Walnut and terracotta? Pine and green stone? The amount of customization is pretty cool I think :D   


The ZIP file contains 129 .PNG assets;

33 pillars - 3 designs each in 8 colours, 3 designs each in 3 metallic colours.

96 walls - 12 designs each in 8 colours.

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