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Creature pack 25

Creature pack 25

I think the Owlbear on its own is considered one of the most classic monsters in tabletop in a variety of systems, though I have to say the Darkmantle is perhaps my personal favorite monster :D. Not only is a great fight for low level parties exploring dungeons, caves or mines but it messes with everyone's vision (especially those tricky player characters with darkvision) and turns the fight into a sort of horror movie trope, where everyone is failing around blindly in the dark!Now I did make my Darkmantle a little bigger than normal, most of the time its supposed to be a small creature, but I couldn't resist adding more detail!




The ZIP file contains 5 creature PNG tokens, each with a shadow, without a shadow, and in circle form.


All tokens are made at a Heroic Scale, meaning they are far larger than they might realistically appear, so they are more visible and epic at the table!

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