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Creature Pack 36

Creature Pack 36

 A brand new token: a towering, muscled, and powerful Hill Giant!

Given how I like to increase the size of my tokens and make them a little more "heroic" I was a little put off by the size of this one at first. When placed next to a human it really is big, but I think I managed to convey the scale without going overboard with detail that might be better suited for a specific giant character :)

Oh but there are a few variants in the pack, for some reason I thought a big old mustache would work even though he kind of looks like Burt Reynolds or Ron Swanson haha


The ZIP file contains 1 giant creature with 5 additional variants each with a shadow, without a shadow and in circle form for a total of 18 tokens.


All tokens are made at a Heroic Scale, meaning they are far larger than they might realistically appear, so they are more visible and epic at the table!

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