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Crooked Hill
  • Crooked Hill

    Hello everyone!

    Another battlemap finished up today, a dark spooky (very angry looking) mystical tree on top of a wind blown hill and this one is absolutely massive. Well it's a big one for our current zoom level and amount of detail anyway! 

    Once again, like with the last battlemap, KTech did most of the line art for this one but not all, mainly focusing on the shape of the tree and I then worked on greater detail, adding more roots, rocks and grass etc. 

    I should say though, the idea of glowing eyes and other effects came to me much later in the process and right at the end I realized that a night version would look really really good and even though It's a very dark looking map (which I know not many people like) I think it looks fantastic! 

    Once again this is a move into a larger map direction so If you have any thoughts on size or what you would like to see next please let me know! :D


    Oh and there is a rain version as well even though rain is easy to input yourself in some VTT’s like Foundry ;) I just think it looks pretty! 

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