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Dungeondraft Fairy Kingdom Pack
  • Dungeondraft Fairy Kingdom Pack

    This is the Dungeondraft Fairy Kingdom pack, which contains Over 110+ assets from trees, plants, pots, fairies, statues, items, chests etc all ready to use in the program Dungeondraft!
    This pack is a free pack that I made just for fun, it’s for personal use only, as using it for any commercial projects may conflict with existing IP. 


    The free file includes:

    • A 'README' explaning how to install and use these assets in detail

    • A ".dungeondraft_pack" file

    • A "- Sharpened For Zoom.dungeondraft_pack" file

    A folder of the unpackaged Assets

    • A folder of the unpackaged Sharpened Assets


    To install these assets, simply copy the '.dungeondraft_pack' into your "Dungeondraft Packs" File and they'll be all ready to go!

    For more information please check the 'README' file

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