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  • Ederfast

    This is a map of Ederfast, a sprawling region of forests, mountains and more than a few rivers, also the home to kingdom of the same name! Most of the region is based on the real world Appalachian Mountains and even though there are no marked cities on the map, to the southwest is the capital of Tarsis and another large city called Ptolus sits at the very northeast corner. They are connected via poorly maintained roads around the mountains and various trade routes and whole host of wilderness! 


    There is plain version in the download though in case you want to populate the region with your own cities, towns and villages! :D 


    I was going to do a few final bits of this today on stream, but I started fixing a few things in the morning and realized how much left I had to do and decided to just keep going. After 8 hours I finally finished everything up :) There are a bunch of little additions on the map now like the blue colour in the mountains and the beach additions to the shore lines. This map is also another evolution of my style of mapmaking with a new type of forest that I’m really really happy with! 

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