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Eldritch Creatures - Complete
  • Eldritch Creatures - Complete

    With the help of Gextroll over on discord's input, we changed up a few of these to better fit thier names as well as renaming a few to better suit what they are! The chthonian and Nyarlathotep were made much bigger, and we reworked the Byakhee to fit its birdlike description.

    Caeora did the majority of the reworks and I added a few last minute bits like reworking the faces on the deep one hybrids. :)

    There are some lower saturation versions to fit a more spooky and muted feel, and some "paper" versions, to give a more vintaged sketchbook kind of feel.


    This pack is also available as part of the Veteran Tier on my Patreon, but if you prefer buying packs instead this is the pack as a one time purchase!


    The purchased file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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