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Eldritch Creatures - Free
  • Eldritch Creatures - Free

    With the release of the Lovecraft assets I did recently I knew I needed to do some monsters to go with it, after all, quite a few people play games like Call of Cthulu so I wanted to show the horror side of roleplaying a little bit of love!

    So here we are the free pack of Eldritch Horror creatures! This pack contains a host of creepy, deadly and alien-looking monsters to terrify your players with! I personally really like the spawns :P 

    I tried to do the best I could with these even though I’m not an expert on Lovecraftian lore or anything/ But I will be making a complete pack for these with a few adjustments and changes provided by the Otter Lord, Gextroll on Discord :)


    The purchased file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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