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Fairy Kingdom Assets
  • Fairy Kingdom Assets

    Hello all!

    Today I finished up another asset pack one that I really wanted to make extra special as it’s based on one of my favourite games series of all time, The Legend of Zelda!

    This is also a little different from normal asset packs for battlemaps as the viewpoints are almost entirely from a combination of a side view and top-down. This gives everything a lovely perspective that allows you to see much more detail in the assets themselves! This makes them all look much closer to some of the games in the Zelda series and fits nicely :)

    Now I should mention that there is just a Complete Free Pack. This is of course because this is based on an existing IP and I’m simply making a fan work for people to use as they see fit.

    I would highly suggest not making commercial maps using elements that are clearly copyright infringing as I don’t want anyone to get in trouble using my assets but rees and rocks and more generic assets are probably fine :)


    Either way, I love making game/movie/book fan works like this and this month has been quite heavy on that with Monster Hunter, Subnautica and now Zelda stuff. On to some more fantasy flavoured things from now on though! :D


    The file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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