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Fantasy Heraldry Bases
  • Fantasy Heraldry Bases

    This is the abosulty massive Heraldry Bases pack!

    There is an absolutely crazy 1240 individual PNG’s in this pack!!

    This makes it easily the largest (in terms of files) pack I’ve ever made!

    Inside the pack, you will find every shield or banner variant with every single background, and you can add extras behind every base if you want, wings, swords, spears etc to make them extra special!

    Annnnnd these are only the bases, I’m currently working on symbols that you can place on top of these heraldry shields and banners to make truly wonderful customizable shields for your maps! Oh and while you can use these for other things they were made to be quite small, just so that you can place them near cities and areas on maps specifically.

    Because there are a ton of variations across the entire pack, you can easily use these heraldry shields and banners to actually show governments types in nations across your maps without having to use colours or additional names. A lords shields will, of course, be far more simple than an imperial or kingdom level banner and hopefully, this will make peoples maps clearer to read and visually awesome!

    KTech and I spent a huge amount of time on these, not just making the heraldry bases but also splitting all the files, KTech did an amazing job so you have her to thank for every variant!

    This pack is also available as part of the Veteran Tier on my Patreon, but if you prefer buying packs instead this is the pack as a one time purchase!


    This pack contains 1200+ single PNG files ready to use in PSD or other graphics programs.

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