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Forgotten Tomb
  • Forgotten Tomb

    Sometimes you just need to try and capture that evil glowing look! These three maps are all tied together with a unifying theme and can be played in order from left to right if you want, but they can also be used separately of course :) 


    As I said in my sneak peek for these maps, they are actually based on my very first dungeon. I decided to run a game in order to start playing D&D and the first dungeon I made was a gloomy tomb with an undead boss called the Red King at the end. The players started out already captured and locked up in a cell, figuring out where they were. Along the way they fought a few skeletons and creepy necromancers before finally the managing to confront and apparently defeat the Red King only to find the whole dungeon slowly filling up with water. They then had to try and escape before it was too late. Only a few people died I think, or it might have been everyone.. 


    I was going to include the Red King with these maps, and he is already drawn up but I will post him separately over the next few days to give him some extra details!

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