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  • Goblins

    It's goblin time once again! XD


    For those of you new to my patron, I did make some goblin tokens in the past that really needed some updating and detail and today I finished up doing just that!


    These are more like Pathfinder goblins than the artwork that depicts goblins in Dungeons and Dragons but when I think of small cheeky and mischievous goblins this is what I think of!


    There are also 4 different colours to represent different goblin tribes that you might find out in the world, the rotnose are green with yellow eyes, the blood eyes have lighter skin tones with blood red eyes, the skullcrushers have dark red skin and the moonfang tribe has blue skin.


    And of course a Goblin King for a real villain or boss for a game! :D


    These were super fun to make and I'm very glad I went back to update things, in fact, right now I'm going through my older content and looking at what needs updating so I'll keep everyone posted! :)


    The purchased file includes PNG files without shadows and with shadows.

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