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Grimbrand Manor
  • Grimbrand Manor

     ITS DONE!

    Holy crap this one has taken me awhile to finish. I started it last october I think and now its finally done. There are so many details on this map its ridiculous and its huge as well. Easily capable of running an entire chapter of an adventure around.

    It's worth mentioning that this map was made for a slightly more advanced setting than traidotal D&D. The bathrooms contain toilets and sinks and a modern kitchen layout. The mao will work fine, in settings like Eberron and can still be used as a very rich nobles manor in other settings, but really I made this for Call of Cthulhu. 

    The idea was to create a really detailed and amazing map to explore with a creepy vibe and I think I managed to do it! 

    Quick note!

    Hopefully this map is not too dark. I was worried about that for awhile but each of the actuall playable rooms are pretty good when you zoom in!

    In the downloads you can find gridded versions, gridless versions and a rain version plus a line art version :) 

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