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Heavens Portal

Heavens Portal

Hello everyone! 


Firstly I want to say a big welcome and thank you to those that have joined recently and an even bigger thank you to the people that have been so incredibly supportive of my new direction, the messages and feedback has been just amazing.! 


This is the first new map i've done under the new plan and its a really good example in my eyes of what i'm trying to aim towards, this map is room 1 of the Heavens Halls theme and you can see more of the details and what you might want to use this map for in the “map details'' below. My themes and maps from now onwards somewhat follow the 5 room dungeon design principles but mine are a little different and there are 7 “rooms” instead, I call this the Caeora’s Battlemap Design Philosophy :D


I think this map would be a fantastic stand in for somewhere in the heavens of any ttrpg setting, like Mount Celestia for example! The idea behind this map is that you teleport into the heavens and arrive at the portal in the middle. The light bridges on all 4 sides allow players to move off in any direction towards further goals! 


Map Details

Room 1: Entrance/Guardian

An entrance is a beginning to an encounter and can serve many different roles, but for our purposes the entrance is a place where you can introduce players to an area/theme/idea. You can throw a combat or roleplaying encounter at your players here. If this is more a dungeon room you may find a guardian defending the entrance. This guardians power and challenge will depend on how long the room has gone undisturbed or how difficult the room is to get to. A can guardian set up some early action to capture player interest and set up the rest of the session. 


Heavens Halls Theme

This theme is all about the outer planes and good aligned locations you might find there! Gold, white marble and clouds and everywhere in these maps and the sounds of distant flutes can be heard in the air. Angels, celestial creatures and the souls or countless heroes wander the heavens, so beware anyone of evil alignment! 

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