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Howling Deep Tavern
  • Howling Deep Tavern

    Today's battlemap is a big one and I mean that in a few ways!


    Firstly this will probably be a very well known concept to most people because this tavern is my attempt at drawing the Yawning Portal from Waterdeep in the D&D Forgotten Realms setting. Of course this is a bit different and more of my take on the idea of a big hole in the middle of the tavern itself leading down into a megadungeon but it could be used as that if people wanted to!


    Secondly it's obviously a pretty big map with lots of detail, I have done 20 A1 sized map versions in this free file.


    I'm also much more focused on virtual tabletops at the moment due to the fact I'm going to be running a game in Foundry VTT soon.


    Which is why there is an unlit VTT version in the downloads as well, which allows someone to add candles, lanterns and light sources themselves instead!


    Oh and because it's Christmas soon, I thought a winter/snowy version would be very nice for people to have and use so I quickly threw one together.


    This download includes both grid versions and gridless versions of the map.

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