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Infernal Manor
  • Infernal Manor

    This map has a little bit of history behind it. Years ago I had an idea for a game. It was going to be a Stardew Valley type farming/gathering simulation adventure game where you played as a devil in hell, running a tavern that served guests as they passed through. Some would be damned souls or even some devils and other monsters. You had to take care of them and supply your patrons with exotic items to be reward before they moved on.The idea never went anywhere but I loved the concept so I drew out what it might look like. The big building on the map is an old ruined manor but the still intact building on the left is supposed to be a tavern/inn thats being run by someone or something.


    Ever wanted to visit a little village in one of the nine hells? I even have two names for the tavern! The Slaughtered Owlbear or the The Pickled Imp! :)  


    Oh and there is a more ghostly version of this map as well! :)

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