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  • Lhodos

    It's been a very slow month for releasing maps on my patreon but today after a few days of cooking food for family and enjoying christmas I’ve finished up the world map of Lhodos! 


    This is another map for a patron that took my mapmaking in a slightly different direction with a disk/floating through the void type world! Some of the features were really nice to colour, like the giant dragon skeleton and the ravine which not only stand out but give me some great ideas for doing things in the future. The dark tower with the beam of energy/light was also really fun to make :) 


    Oh the name banner used in this image was made by the always wonderful Deven Rue, if you have not heard or seen her work before then check out her website and patreon in the links below! If you like her work go and say hi on twitter or other social medias and spread the christmas cheer, in fact if there are any other content creators out there that you enjoy, go say hi to them as well :D 


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