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Lhodos Northern Kingdoms - Colour
  • Lhodos Northern Kingdoms - Colour

    Fast Download: Zip File.

    (This is a quick download directly from the free file on Patreon) 


    A ton of people wanted me to colour the previous map that I posted. I received some lovely comments and it was such a lovely map to work on that I decided that I should listen and keep going..


    And here it is! The Lhodos Northern Kingdoms map all done in glorious colour :) 


    Technically this is one of my most detailed smaller maps Ive ever done and I've improved on a number of things, including the forests, rivers and the way I highlight the oceans. All in all it's a wonderful little map that you can use to create your own little regions by using the blank versions in the downloads! 


    Oh and I also made a more muted version that I personally think looks fantastic and is in many ways just as nice as the full colour version, if you want me to include a muted version like that for maps in the future let me know! 

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