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Lich's Laboratory Dungeondraft Edition
  • Lich's Laboratory Dungeondraft Edition

    Tesla coils, bronze machines, cages and withered and drained bodies! Plus a bunch of alchemical potions and flasks!


    This pack contains the same items as the cheaper 'Lich's Laboratory', but scaled, tagged and packaged for use in dungeondraft.


    This pack contains 115 .png assets for building a battlemap;

    1 lightning effect

    13 body parts

    9 cages

    1 chair

    1 gem

    1 lich tomb

    8 machine parts

    1 magnifying glass

    15 potions

    1 stone throne

    1 tomb

    1 tomb lid

    5 vats


    All assets except the lightning effect come in normal and aged/ruined variants.

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