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  • Maw

    The next part of the Leviathan Series is now done and you can begin to see where I’m headed and what I had in mind when I posted the first part a few weeks ago and the first part of the series was the Longship that you can find here: 



    I always thought Norse/Viking themes centered heavily around oceans and sea exploration and I really wanted to do something interesting with boats. As you can see The Maw is both a map and a creature and not only fits with a viking theme but can also be used more generally for other encounters, such as pirates or any other ship based adventures. There are two free versions of the map, a lush more tropical blue sea look and dark thunderstorm version, plus two version just for patrons a blood red sea version and green glowing version that really pop!


    So.. you can use the Longship that I made as part of the encounter but the following and final part of the series will delve down into the creature itself and explore the idea of the party or player being swallowed whole by a leviathan and ending up in its stomach! 


    I did finish this map a while ago but I’ve been working with JLUnit on discord to create a stat block for the monstrosity. It might seem strange and is not your typical kind of encounter but hopefully for those people running a campaign that uses ships this will give you plenty of ideas!

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