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Monster Manual CR 1/2th - Complete Pack
  • Monster Manual CR 1/2th - Complete Pack

    This one posed a bit a difficulty coming up with variants for some reason, but I'm still happy with what I got in the end. Funnily enough some of the Tokens I wasnt sure about the design for made the most fun variants like the piercer. Perhaps its bcause I was so happy with some of the originals... 

     An intresting Tid-bit for the Deep Gnome's Design and recolours, While I was growing up, we had a copy of Terry Pratchett's 'Gnomes' series, which I read quite alot. The copies we had had these really great cover illustrations of this big eared and big nosed Gnomes in wonderfully Bright and fancy clothing. Ever since then, I've always had this idea of gnomes being over extravagant with fancy hats and scarves and bright accesories. 


    Some pretty fun ideas popped up while messing with these, particularly, a magmin version of a hob goblin. In my mind, magmins and Goblins are very similar, so why wouldnt there be a hob-magin? :P There's also a frostling variant of both the Magmin and the Hobgoblin which should fit with the Goblin Complete pack ones!


    I also added in an icy variant for a darkmantle, because the idea of mistaking them for icicles then being blinded and slipping around on ice seems like an intresting encounter to challenge an unsuspecting party.

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