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Monster Manual CR 1 - Free
  • Monster Manual CR 1 - Free

    Fast Download: Zip File.

    (This is a quick download directly from the free file on Patreon) 


    I feel like I'm getting better at these and I'm really happy with this pack. :) paticularly, humanoid posing for things like the dryad, the bug bear, the quasit and so on. Its surprisingly difficult to come up with unique poses from top down without them looking to stiff or boxy.


    For some strange reason, I really love drawing spiders. something about having lots of intrestingly jointed legs? I had this idea that I wanted the Giant spider to be a giant widow with creepy spindily legs, then Caeora suggested a more monstrous and chunky version, so rather than choose, I went with both. both is good.


    I was also really excited for the Goblin Boss in this pack because I just love goblins! something about thier mischevious little faces makes them so great to draw.


    One thing thats kept popping up as a challenge with these packs has been the Modrons because of the flat surfaces and odd shapes, Ive had to mix in a more perspectived viewpoint to save from loosing detail on the faces. I think ive managed to make them work without looking too odd compared to the persepective angle for the rest of the packs though :)

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