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Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 1) - Complete Pack
  • Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 1) - Complete Pack

    I was actually really looking forward to redoing the Cult Fanatic because I was super happy with the idea of doing a cthulhu based thing! I'm also really happy with the elk redos, I had a bit of a struggle with redoing the antlers and not making them look too deer like, I wanted to keep the wider more moose like style going. I did want to do more with the gelatinous cube, but where id merged the colour layers together, it'd have meant redoing the entire token.


    Saying that; While making these recolours, I did have a thought that I'd like to go back and do extra variants for a couple of tokens so far, especially for things like humanoids, and any creatures that would often attack in packs. Personally, having a whole wave of enemies with the same token can be a little boring in my eyes. Maybe that'll be something for the future! :D


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