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Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 1) - Free
  • Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 1) - Free

    Fast Download: Zip File.

    (This is a quick download directly from the free file on Patreon) 


    Firstly, this pack would've had over 50 tokens if I'd have done the entire pack in one go, so instead, I decided 2 smaller packs would be a little more managable. :)


    Secondly, this is the first pack to use the new sizes! 


    (Here's the post about the change incase you missed it!


    I'm actually super happy with the size change, as it gives me a little more to work with in terms of adding details and posing. I've also been rethinking the way I pose some of the tokens, specifically head angles, and leg poses for non humanoid creatures.


    I do feel like im becoming much more comfortable with humanoid poses too like the gitzerai monk and particularly the Bandit captain here. Then again, I'm always a sucker for a swishy long coat! :D

    I was pretty unhappy with how bland the Wyrmlings were looking from the CR1 pack design I had, so I went back to the drawing board when it came to this pack and I'm far happier with these little dragons. I think they look far less stubby than before.

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