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Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 2) - Complete Pack
  • Monster Manual CR 2 (Part 2) - Complete Pack

    I had a lot of issues with photoshop not co-operating with me on this one, there was a lot of random artifacting that I couldn't quite work out where it was coming from, but I got there in the end and I'm really happy with how they came out. :)


    Can you tell which one I was most excited to do? (cough) Rainbows (cough) Anyways, I did have a little bit of a difficult time coming up with recolours for the Ogres as anything too wacky just looked off. Some Creatures seem to work alot better for big colour changes than others like the Nothic or the Wyrmlings.


    A personal favourite of mine here is the quaggoth, I'm super happy with how they look and they're generally a pretty cool looking creature :D reading up, they definitely remind me of the Falmer from skyrim. Its interesting to read up on some of these creatures and races I hadn't encountered personally before, and I'd highly recommend doing the same!

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