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Monster Manual CR 2 (part 2) - Free
  • Monster Manual CR 2 (part 2) - Free

    Fast Download: Zip File.

    (This is a quick download directly from the free file on Patreon)


    As these packs go on, I feel like I'm getting the hang of this more and more especially with posing and design ideas! I’m super happy with a whole bunch of these, specifically things like the Myconid Sovereign. I was really stuck on how to make that one really cool until the words "mushroom princess" popped up and i just rolled with it :D


    I also had a little issue with making a clear distinction between ogres and trolls, so after a little bit of reading up I came to the conclusion that trolls were rocky and gangly limbed and ogres were grotesque and chunky. I'd say that worked rather well!


    Caeora gave me a big help on rethinking the colours on this pack to make things really stand out! it's all just a big learning process! :)

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