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Monster Manual CR 3 - Complete Pack
  • Monster Manual CR 3 - Complete Pack

    These are all the challenge rating 3 creatures from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual!


    Included in this pack are 2 variant colour and line work additions to the CR3 free pack, as well as the free pack tokens! Perfect for boss's, leaders and characters!


    Made by KTech and Caeora


    "Hello Everyone! KTech here again bringing you the recolours for the CR3 pack!I had a little bit of trouble with these ones, mostly photoshop just not wanting to co-operating and freezing a whole bunch, plus I lost a couple of Tokens due to layer issues that I had to redo.


    All in all though Im really happy with these, especially The Kirin inspired Nightmare variant and the fiery looking Hellhound! :) "

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