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Monster Manual CR 3 - Free
  • Monster Manual CR 3 - Free

    Fast Download: Zip File.

    (This is a quick download directly from the free file on Patreon) 


    These are all the challenge rating 3 creatures from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual!


    Made by KTech and Caeora


    "The UK has been hit with a heatwave recently and we've had a week and a half or so of 30c+ days,which has caused abit of a slow down at the moment! (The UK is not designed for this kinda weather. There's no Air Con. we're both melting. HELP) But we've both soldiered on, through the power of fans and a freezer full frozen water bottles.


    Despite the weather, I'm super happy with this pack. I've been waiting to draw a werewolf since CR0 cause they're just cool as heck. also, the more of these packs I do, the more I realise that I really like drawing spiders.


    A few creatures have been re-named, and I haven't included a couple that we're just stat variants for creatures I've already made tokens for."

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