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Nezmira: Mini-Setting
  • Nezmira: Mini-Setting

    This is the fully coloured PDF of the desert-themed Mini-Setting of Nezmira the Sands of Blood that also includes in the ZIP folder: 


    • A Full Region Map (Colour & Paper versions)
    • Battlemaps
    • Side Quests (Getting started encounters for the Mini-Setting)
    • History, Lore & Locations 
    • Monsters and StatBlocks for 5e D&D


    "Mini-Settings are a series of PDF booklets that allows GM’s to explore self-contained and easily accessible worlds in order to create their own unique experiences for a tabletop roleplaying game. The information found within these guides is enough to allow you to run multiple adventures or an entire campaign in that space. It gives you all the basic ideas and inspiration to run a game without having to come up with those kinds of things yourself, so you can concentrate on setting up the encounters, story plots and unique characters. Even if you decide not to run a game within a Mini Setting itself you could always take these ideas and use them to enrich your own games and settings."


    This is a wonderful collaboration between myself and Keflicils Tales (Philip & Kelf, who did the writing and editing of the setting) and we will be working on doing more PDF’s that combine more content soon as well! 


    Go check out their other content at!: 


    A full list of credits can be found in the Mini-Setting but a massive thank you to everyone that helped bring this together, including Oixxo for the amazing creature artwork, Nele for the wonderful Cover Art and KTech who drew the Line Art for the tokens creatures the day before her wisdom tooth surgery! :)

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